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Posted on 07. Dec, 2009 by Administrator in Music

I don’t know much about the Indianapolis indie music scene, but if Jookabox’s extra-weird and supremely catchy music is any indicator, there are some crazy motherfuckers out there and they may be well on their way to redefining lo-fi pop music. From the freaky psychedelic harmonies and synths of “Phantom Don’t Go” to the rapid-fire, country-punk of “You Cried Me” (which has an immediately infectious sing-along chorus), and the twisted chanting and drum-circle attack of the “The Girl Ain’t Preggers”, these guys (OK, three beardos and a girl with glasses, judging from the MySpace pics), offer up some of the most original music I’ve heard in a while. Check out the MySpace and pick up their new album Dead Zone Boys.

words by Bill Dvorak

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  1. ToddWilliamson

    17. Dec, 2009

    [youtube 1-PZ4rgOY1g youtube]

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