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I have to say, I’m a bit nervous as I head to Art’s Deli in Studio City to meet Shayne, psychic and messenger (which I learn is a much better word for medium). I mean, what if she can read my mind while I’m asking questions and then, well, we just get lost in the process? I’ve wanted to interview a psychic for quite some time to learn what they feel are the biggest misconceptions about them and what they do, along with occupational hazards, everyday challenges (dating, not telling a friend her boyfriend is having an affair, not getting bogged down in everybody wanting the winning lotto numbers), and just what happens after the reading is over and life resumes, can the psychic gifts be turned off?) And of course, how do these intuitive masters receive messages and see the bigger picture from far beyond? Armed with my questions scribbled out in a series of notebooks I like to call home, I arrive a wee bit late and Shayne is already seated in a comfortable booth. Once we get the pastrami ordering out of the way, she says she sees me as a little girl surrounded by Nancy Drew books writing mysteries of my own. Okay, I’m in.

Shayne is a bundle of energy; her blonde, wavy hair has an electricity that shares a vibrancy with her spirit. Her story is unique: Her mom, Adrienne Golday, is a psychic and messenger and so is big sister, Paris. I’m thinking this must drive her dad nuts. Shayne laughs, “I definitely touch on that in my new book, ‘3 Real Psychics And A Great Dad.’” It seems her dad, Stuart, a criminal defense attorney, has tapped into his family’s skill set both to help solve cases at work, and win big at the horse races, her mom’s specialty; she has a knack for picking champion horses, and it’s a favorite family pastime. While Shayne actively does readings and workshops with her mom, Paris is more private and secretly uses her psychic abilities to help get unemployed people into jobs (and give advice to her friends, mainly relationship advice). When Paris and Shayne were little, they used to play a game called Name the Stranger in supermarkets-9 out of 10 times they were right, leaving behind them a wake of confused strangers scratching their heads.

Growing up with a top-rated psychic for a mom who was out in the world finding missing children and making election and sports predictions on Regis made Shayne more aware of her gifts. Does she think clairvoyance can be a genetic gift like great skin? “No,” says Shayne, referring to the openness in which she was brought up, having seen her mom at work giving readings and helping people find loved ones, diagnosing sick animals, and receiving messages from beyond.  “My sister and I watched Adrienne conduct miracles daily so we were open-minded to all of life’s possibilities.”

For the last year, Shayne has been working on the book “3 Real Psychics And A Great Dad”  to tell her unique story and explain the psychic phenomenon. She’s also been giving readings, sharing messages with her clients and friends, volunteering at suicide hotlines, and working on a couple of TV series that are garnering interest from major studios. She has a masters in education, has taught at a local middle school, and in what might seem an unlikely job for a girl with her skill set was also a top banker in California and used her psychic abilities to help manage clients’ money. But growing up in the suburbs of L.A., she says “I felt like a loner and didn’t fit in because I was so outside the box, and definitely wasn’t the most social person.” Quite recently, though, she had an epiphany to just believe in herself, pursue her own dreams, and use her gift to help others along the way. I wonder how the breakthrough came about. “I have always had a fear of dying,” she reveals. “I have suffered from anxiety wondering where do we go and will we reunite with our loved ones? Now that I have talked to hundreds of spirits for clients and have passed confidential, profound healing messages, my own fear of dying has turned into faith as I now truly know we are connected in a timeless universe forever. I have a real passion to help heal people and help them stay connected to their loved ones through communicating real messages from beyond. Finally living this realization out, and writing the book, too, and getting so much support from the publishing field helped me shrug off the feeling of being so different.”

I ask her what her greatest accomplishments are in her field:  “It’s helping teens and adults to believe in their abilities, when I pass messages when they’ve been depressed or suffering; I’ve reconnected them to something. I think my masters in education has also given me a unique expertise. I use it to help suicidal teenagers or if there’s a missing hotline; I see if I can bring somebody home.”

I have to know the top reasons people go to her for a reading. She responds, “love, health, work, or to communicate messages with a person that has died.” I imagine there are a lot of skeptics out there, and Shayne concurs: “I can read almost anybody, but if somebody is totally shut down to the experience, then I suggest they come back at another time. I have found a true skeptic is always going to be a skeptic.” And of course, I have to know, how does she impart bad news or danger lurking around the corner? How does she decide what to share? “Deciding to tell someone or to not tell someone is the absolute hardest part of being a psychic. It comes with a heavy price that people do not always understand. As much as we can guide people, it is still a person’s decision which path they will take or create. However, Adrienne always raised us girls to truly focus on the positive for all people. And she has trained me how to not scare people or abuse our gifts and to give warnings in a cautious manner.  Again, we focus on the positive. But if we do need to give a cautious warning without scaring people, we will. For instance, if a person has clogged arteries, we might suggest that he see a doctor to be put on a positive health regimen and exercise program to avoid possible problems. I recently did a reading with a woman who mentioned she felt her son might be in danger, so she was picking up on something; I saw him walking through a park and being abducted, so I told her she should walk him home from school for the next few weeks, and sure enough, we learned a child molester was picked up in the park soon afterwards.”

When did you first receive a message? “I can’t remember the first time a spirit voice came as they have been there since childhood but it became stronger as I started doing my work full time. I was always excited to have the opportunity to be a bridge/communicator for people, like my mom. I was never scared, and saw it as an opportunity.”

As we wind down lunch and our huge plates of food and jumbo Diet Cokes are cleared, I wonder how it comes about — this feeling that a message is coming through. I feel the energy in the room changing as she speaks. “I will hear a specific voice in my head, and I feel a presence over my right shoulder. I can tell if it is a man or woman, if there is an accent, and they usually begin talking with me in a faint voice that emerges. I have talked to hundreds of spirits, and the factual part of being a messenger, in my opinion, creates a validity to real messenger/psychic work that is miraculous and real and cannot be questioned.”

Do you have any current message you’d like to impart to somebody? “Yes! My mom and I would both love to talk with Oprah. I am a huge animal lover and have two Akitas, Smokey and Kona. I felt her pain when her dog died. I believe I can provide insight that would help heal her deep sadness.”

What’s it like to date I ask. Are men afraid of her abilities? “Depends on the man (laughs), but it’s always interesting!” Have her abilities helped her overcome other personal challenges? “When my college budget was spent, I had to get creative. So I went to the b-ball court in Phoenix and showed up playing my dumb little blonde role throwing up air balls. I psychically knew who I could beat, so I would bet two college boys 20 bucks each to play horse. They would laugh and ask if I was serious. I demolished them one by one. I would grin and take their money. Sorry gentlemen, business is business!” And do people constantly ask you for lotto numbers? “Yes, and I have hit five out of six numbers but I played the ticket for Friday night and the numbers hit literally a few days later! It’s not always an exact science. I would have loved that $33,000.”

Next stop: Shayne’s house to meet her mom and Smokey and Kona. Arriving at her house, there’s some confusion with keys, and her mom belts out: “We can find missing children, but we can’t find our keys!” A kindred spirit indeed; I’ve spent my whole life tracking down keys. Mother and daughter look so much alike and have such a similar spirit, I feel like I’m meeting Shayne 20 years down the road and Adrienne 20 years earlier; it’s uncanny. And just as Shayne hit me up with the Nancy Drew vision, Adrienne says to me, “Don’t worry, you will get back to Europe, and I see you on an amazing cruise ship.” WOW. I like this vision.

Adrienne started out when the psychic field had few leaders, and a lot more resistance and skepticism. She went on to predict elections, sports events, find missing children, and even predicted the devastating earthquake in San Francisco in 1989. “I got letters from a lot of people thanking me because they left town, she says in a soft voice.” ‘Speaking of earthquakes Adrienne, I have to ask – see any happening here in Los Angeles in the near future??’ She grows a bit quiet. “Let’s just say I haven’t felt safe here lately.” Hmm, I make a mental note to put together an earthquake kit when I get home. For the rest of the afternoon, we look at some old family photos and hear more about Stuart, the man Adrienne has been married to for 40 years. They both light up when they speak of him and their horse racing outings. I guess the only thing that gets to him about having three psychics in the family is when they all talk over him. Classic!

I do wonder what it was like for Adrienne when Shayne decided to take on psychic and messenger work full time. “In certain ways, it was easier when she was a schoolteacher,” says mom. “I was at first concerned when she decided to be a psychic because in her schoolteacher days it was more normal and easy, and then when she realized these gifts weren’t leaving her alone, I was a little concerned it would be more difficult because some people are very skeptical. When I realized I had these gifts, my husband, as an attorney, was looking for proof so we went out and tested and tested, and then I realized it helped people, so I stopped testing it and just helped people and it made all the difference in the world as it does with Shayne. And I’m so impressed with what she’s doing, I feel a high from it. It’s a gift and now we get to share it and work together, which is really fun.”

I ask Adrienne about her gift for finding missing children, because I personally can’t imagine going through the experience. “I’ve been on hundreds of missing children cases with the police and private ones too. If they come, I will never say no to missing person cases, but it is heartbreaking sitting in a child’s room. You might get one out of a thousand, but to that one family, it’s everything. In one case, I gave the police the name of the three men [who] abducted a young girl; I just heard the names on that particular case from an angel voice, and the mom was able to identify one of the names, and the girl was brought home.”
On that “safely home” note, we wind down the day playing with the dogs and discussing Shayne’s love life. I still wonder how it is for a psychic to date, and Adrienne sums it up:  “My husband and I are just on the same page and I’ve been lucky to have a happy marriage, but when Shayne dates, she knows when something is wrong. You have to learn to follow your feelings, especially when you have these gifts.”

>Speaking of gifts, I’ve gotten many today and look forward to Shayne’s book and continued message sharing. I ask Shayne on the way out what her favorite part is about what she does. A smile comes across her face, and she says, “speaking to spirits.” She also loves predicting sports outcomes, and playing basketball herself. I forget to ask her if she can turn off her psychic abilities, but I have the feeling she knows I forgot to ask that question, and will get back to me on that one.

I see Europe and a cruise ship in my future!

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-Elizabeth Johnson

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