Natureboy - Internet Darling - Music Review

Posted on 08. Sep, 2009 by Administrator in Music

Natureboy—the musical project of Sara Kermanshahi—is laced with the kind of bittersweet instrumentation and longing vocals that could grip even the most detached listeners. The songs merge atmospheric compositions with gently strummed guitar melodies and transcendent vocals that hover ever-so-slightly over the instrumentation. “Famous Sons” opens with a poignant guitar part and Sara’s equally sublime delivery before erupting into a crash of drums that elevates the song to new heights. “Heart to Fool” is ethereal folk-pop—subtle, hook-laden vocals and a guitar line that evokes both yearning and optimism. Natureboy has a bunch of solid shows coming up over the next few months and an ever-increasing fan base, and is well-worth your attentive ear right now, lest you miss out on some essential new music.

by Devoe Yates

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