The h Files - 104 days missing

Posted on 01. Aug, 2008 by in Lifestyle

By Sal Victorio

104 days missing. Doug Davies, the writer of this column and his mother Dottie have been gone without a trace for well over three months now.  I now have an undying respect for anyone dealing with a missing loved one.  Dottie might be alive out there - which is why I continue to write in this article.  Thank you so much to all of the fans who wrote in and are trying to help.  And also much gratitude to h Magazine for giving this cause a platform.  

This summer has been like no other. After I went into semi-retirement, my life went from very structured and banal to completely chaotic and just plain wacky. Normally, I would never disparage the name of our brave brothers and sisters in law enforcement.  However, this has to go down in Southland history as one of the most inept investigations ever to transpire.  If they find your dead body, then a task force is right on it. However, if you are missing and possibly need urgent help, then talk to the man who is never in the office. Since Dottie disappeared with her son Doug, I can only surmise that she is wrapped up in one of his conspiratorial misadventures. As an accountant, I’ve no investigative experience. However, as the only one working on this case, I have spent the last few months searching out these odd crevices of society in order to find more information pertaining to their whereabouts. As a seventy-something-year-old man, you would think I would have heard it all by now. However, as the following two journal entries show, I wouldn’t have imagined such scenarios!

6/14/2008 - Bashar Event - After meticulously going through Doug’s articles, something caught my eye… a romantic involvement with a woman he referred to as “Bashar Lady”. We all know that romantic love can make people behave abnormally. Dottie confided in me shortly before they vanished that Doug would sometimes cry in his room at night. If a man is shedding tears, there is most likely a woman behind it. I used the Internet and found out that someone named Bashar was speaking at a Holiday Inn located in The Valley. I would have brought photographs of Doug and Dottie if any existed. Instead I made composite sketches from memory. I am not an artist but often doodle in my spare time for fun. Nobody recognized them, except for one questionable individual who said that he “felt they were assisting in preparation for the hybrid children.” To help you understand this bizarre statement, I must give you some context as to who, or what Bashar purports to be. This Bashar fellow is an alien, and not the kind that are rounded up by immigration services… an actual outer space multi-dimensional whatever! In a nutshell, Bashar uses the everyday human, Darryl Anka as a mouthpiece to “channel” information for our benefit. I swear I am not making this up. But I have to tell you that it was quite a good show! All different types of people looked to this “kind-hearted extraterrestrial” for guidance on how to not only survive this strange world, but also thrive and be the best person they can be. It made me want to blow my trombone into the night while painting the moon setting on the ocean’s horizon. In my opinion, without the spaceman hullabaloo, he could be a very successful television talk show host. What a fun night. I need to get out more often. There were a good amount of nice older ladies there; I think a couple might have been flirting with me. *(Video of the night has been posted on, and thank goodness or else nobody would believe me.)

7/04/2008 - 911 Truth Out BBQ - I decided to forego my usual Independence Day revelry and instead attended a “911 Truth Out BBQ”. I ran across a posted flyer for an informal gathering. No offense to the readers of h-files, but this strange breed of folk believes the US Government is behind the terrorist attacks of 2001. They say that the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon set the stage for on-going warfare in order to strengthen the American Empire for the benefit of the elite.  I will give these people credit that they passionately and fiercely defend their facts.  One being, that Building 7 (which Doug mentions on the paper towel found in June’s issue) does come down awfully quick.  But I’m still not so sure. Two of the biggest buildings in the world collapsed next to it. Wouldn’t that have an effect?  There is a deep distrust of government evident in the members I spoke with, and so much bizarre information. Unfortunately, no one recognized my sketch of Doug. Although one person said he read the column and was annoyed that Doug kept talking about “the lizard people”. He said that it discredits the other true aspects of what he is reporting on. I found this ironic hearing him speak of US officials detonating bombs to collapse skyscrapers and killing American citizens. It’s disturbing to hear seemingly intelligent people bolster their paranoid beliefs over grilled chicken and homemade potato salad. *(Search You Tube for “Building 7 collapse” and I’d be interested in hearing your opinions).

120 days missing.  I’m ready to give up.  But something keeps me going.   This letter from Suzanne Wallace of Long Beach certainly does help:

“Why should we care what happened to some guy who writes about weird stuff and his Mom?  I’ve read all of the h-files and have not understood one thing.  But one thing I do know is that when people go missing, there has to be an answer out there. Sal, I hope you find Doug and his mother Dottie.  You seem to really care about her.  After losing my cat Ellie, I know it can be very hard missing someone. If you ever need a caring ear, please don’t hesitate to write me.”  

Thank you Suzanne, and all like her.  God bless our heart and souls.  If anyone has any information please write to: [email protected].

God Bless,

Sal Victorio

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