The h Files - Doug Davies is Missing

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Doug Davies is missing…

Since March 31st Doug and his mother Dotty Davies have vanished without a trace.  Authorities have been notified and the case is active, however, there have been no leads thus far.  As Mrs. Davies’ accountant and long time family friend, I am reporting on this incidence to raise awareness of this dire situation.  Again, the writer of this column “The h-FILES” and his elderly mother are gone without any explanation of why they have disappeared.  There is also no indication of how they left, nor where they have gone.  We know only that Dotty went food shopping at their local Armenian food market on March 31st.  This has become a deeply troubling issue.  The detectives on this case have assured me that all is being done to understand the nature of this unexplained occurrence and recover The Davies family safely to their home and life.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of Dotty as she was very self-conscious of her appearance.  She did not allow photographs to be taken of her and apparently did not keep any in her possession.  The only two pictures in the Davies’ residence are of Doug as a child.  The photo shown on the milk carton was found on his “Facebook” online social networking profile page.  Frustrating as it is, neither have any medical records to speak of.  Doug is 39-years-old and is approximately 5’ 9” tall and weighs 195 pounds.  Dotty is 4’ 11” tall and is estimated to weigh around 295 pounds.  She is 77- years-old, but in decent health despite her physical condition.   

About a month ago Dotty confided in me that Doug had gone off of his anti-depressant medications and was acting more erratic and strange than usual.  This behavior caused her much stress and concern.  She believed writing this column was making things worse with him.  I am not a psychiatrist, however there is mental illness in my family, and there are definite similarities.  I have read several of Doug’s articles and there seems to be a through-line of paranoia, delusions of grandeur, and certainly a state of demented confusion pervading the emotional undercurrent of his words.  Dotty had also reported him being even more “polar” since writing for h Magazine.   

There are not many plausible reasons why The Davies would have voluntarily fled their home without leaving any explanation as to why.  There was no indication of packing or planning in their home.  To further complicate any tracing of their behavior, Doug insisted only cash be used in all their transactions.  This lack of a financial trail has made it virtually impossible to know anything of their actions before and up to them going missing.  Dotty lived off of a trust fund all of her adult life and Doug would collect a modest monthly allowance from her.  It is unknown how he would sometimes acquire additional funds as this column is an unpaid endeavor. 

Another complicating factor in this investigation is their apparent lack of friends or confidants.  Doug did not seem to have many (if any) friends or acquaintances and it is clear that I am the closest person in Dotty’s admittedly lonely life. The kind editor of this magazine, Ms. Elizabeth Johnson, rarely had any contact with Doug and was sent the monthly article via post.  One of the only sources of pertinent information is Doug’s journals.  He always carried a notebook and sometimes would stop whatever he was doing to suddenly scribble madly in it.  These were obtained by police and are being used to help determine their whereabouts.  I did find this loose paper napkin on the kitchen floor of The Davies’ relatively unkept house. The text has been reported to authorities.  I am not sure if it was meant for this edition of “The h-FILES”; however, I wanted to give it to the magazine in case any readers might know anything of its significance.  Due to the reference of 9-11, perhaps they were headed to New York City in an effort to quench Doug’s obsession for “the truth” in the realm of conspiracy.  This is obviously pure conjecture as I am not familiar with such matters. I am obviously not a skilled writer.  This article is meant to serve as notice to any readers Doug might have had and to reach anyone who has any information on this disturbing situation.  If so, please contact h Magazine at ([email protected]) and put “care of Sal Victorio”.  Thank you for your time, consideration, and prayers.

God Bless,
Sal Victorio

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